Advanced Configuration

Folder / Mailbox delimiter

You can use any supported char such as ".", "/", (...).

Property: delimiter
Value:    anything

Fetching method

If set to FT_PEEK all unread messages are left as such. If set to FT_UID all parsed unread messages will be flagged as seen.

Property: fetch

Communication sequence type

If the sequence is set to ST_MSGN the communication is based on the message number. If set to ST_UID the communication is based the the uid.

Property: sequence

Fetch message bodies

Enable this option if the message body should always be downloaded. Disabling this can greatly increase the overall performance.

Property: fetch_body
Value:    true or false

Fetch message flags

Enable this option if the message flags should always be downloaded. Only takes affect if fetch is not set to FT_PEEK.

Property: fetch_flags
Value:    true or false

Enable "Soft fail" mode

Enable the "soft fail" mode if you want to ignore certain exception while fetching bulk messages.

Property: soft_fail
Value:    true or false

Message key identifier

You can choose between these different options:

id — Use the MessageID as array key (default, might cause hickups with yahoo mail)
number — Use the message number as array key (isn't always unique and can cause some interesting behavior)
list — Use the message list number as array key (incrementing integer (does not always start at 0 or 1)
uid — Use the message uid as array key (isn't always unique and can cause some interesting behavior)

Property: message_key
Value:    any of the above

Message fetch order

You can choose between these two different options:

asc — Order all messages ascending (probably results in oldest first)
desc — Order all messages descending (probably results in newest first)

Property: fetch_order
Value:    any of the above

Message disposition types

Disposition types potentially considered an attachment.

Property: dispositions
Value:    array of supported disposition types

Common folders

An associated array containing common folder names and their paths.

root — Inbox folder
junk — Junk or spam folder
draft — Draft messages folder
sent — Sent messages folder
trash — Trashed or deleted messages folder

Property: common_folders
Value:    array

Message & Attachment decoding

message — Inbox folder
attachment — Junk or spam folder

utf-8 — Try decoding based on utf-8
mimeheader — Try decoding using the mbstring module

Property: decoder
Value:    array

Legacy imap open options

If you are using a legacy protocol you can provide additional options to the native php imap_open() method.

DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR — Disable authentication properties

Property: open
Value:    array