Attributes are a flexible class made to handle any message attributes as either a string or array.

Get String

To receive the string value of the current address:

/** @var \Webklex\PHPIMAP\Address $address */

$value = "$address";
$value = (string)$address;
$value = $address->toString();
$value = $address->__toString();

Get Array

To receive the array values of the current attribute:

/** @var \Webklex\PHPIMAP\Address $address */

foreach($address as $key => $value) {
    echo $value."\n";
$values = (array)$address;
$values = $address->toArray();
$values = $address->__serialize();

Structure of an Address

Webklex\PHPIMAP\Address {#505
  +personal: "Some One"
  +mailbox: "example"
  +host: ""
  +mail: ""
  +full: "Some One <>"