Account Configuration

The key assigned within the accounts array can be used to provide a different default account. Every key has to unique.


Property: host
Value:    Any domain name or ip address


Property: port
Value:    Any port between 0 and 65535


The Protocol you want to utilize. If you want to use legacy-imap, pop3 or nntp you have to install the legacy support as described in the installation section.

Available protocols:
imap — Use IMAP
legacy-imap — Use the php imap module instead
pop3 — Use POP3
nntp — Use NNTP

Property: protocol
Value:    any of the above

Encryption method

Used encryption method. Use false to disable encryption.

Available methods:
false — Disable encryption
ssl — Use SSL
tls — Use TLS
starttls — Use STARTTLS (alias TLS) (legacy only)
notls — Use NoTLS (legacy only)

Property: encryption
Value:    any of the above

Certificate validation

The certificate gets validated by default. You can turn this off, by setting it to false.

Property: validate_cert
Value:    true or false


Your account username.

Property: username
Value:    anything


Your account password.

Property: password
Value:    anything

Authentication method

Set it to oauth if you want to authenticate using oAuth. You may provide your access token as password. An example is available here: oAuth using Google

Property: authentication
Value:    "outh" or null


Contains a list of all required proxy settings. Please take a look at the proxy configuration section for more detail.

Property: proxy
Value:    proxy settings